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Welcome to the Islamic Sharia Council. The Islamic Shari’a Council was formed to solve the matrimonial problems of Muslims living in the United Kingdom in the light of Islamic family law. The council is made up of members from all of the major schools of Islamic legal thought (mad’hab) and is widely accepted as an authoritative body with regards to Islamic law.

The Islamic Sharia council was established in 1982 in a meeting attended by various scholars representing a number of mosques in the UK.

The main function of this council is to guide the Muslims in the UK in matters related to religious issues as well as solving their matrimonial problems which are referred to it it by the Muslims of this country.

As the Muslims normally conduct their marriages both Islamically (known as Nikah ceremony which is conducted by an Imam at any mosque or Islamic Center), and by registering with the civil authorities, this council deals only with the Islamic Nikah.

  • ISC has nothing to do with the civil marriages which are dissolved by the British Courts and not by the Council.
  • The Council does not intervene in civil marriage contracts.
  • The Council is a Welfare and Non profit making Charity.

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