Welcome to the Islamic Sharia Council. The Islamic Shari’a Council was formed to solve the matrimonial problems of Muslims living in the United Kingdom in the light of Islamic family law. The council is made up of members from all of the major schools of Islamic legal thought (mad’hab) and is widely accepted as an authoritative body with regards to Islamic law.

QUESTION: Asalaamu alaikum When i read the story of Musa un Surah 20 and Surah 28, somethings to my mind don’t match up. Let me explain. When Musa said “stay […]

WHAT IS SHARIAH? Shariah literally means ‘a watering hole’. Just as animals go to drink water, which is the source of life, so the Shariah is a way of life […]

Complaint to Ofcom regarding Panorama

This complaint considers the Panorama programme to be in breach of Ofcom’s Fairness and Privacy guidelines. Rule 7.1- “avoid unjust or unfair treatment of individuals or organisations.” Programme claimed that […]

Islamic Sharia Council Youtube Channel

Islamic Sharia Council has just started its own YouTube Channel and hope to add more and more videos to help people understand our work. You can also view some […]

Woolwich Attack

We were saddened to hear what has happened in Woolwich. The Islamic Sharia Council considers this a barbaric act that has no basis in Islam. Our thoughts are with the […]


RESPONSE REGARDING PANORAMA The under hand manner in which the BBC recently made its Panorama programme,  ( “Secrets of Britain’s shariah councils” ), with secret recordings and edited conversations taken […]